Designed to quickly determine body temperature in a non-invasive quick way, this handy thermometer operates within +/- 0.2 degrees C when used up to 5cms / 2-inches away. The clear display is colour coded and gives an instant result. It's typically used on the forehead however the guide has a reference for ears and other body areas. It's designed for use on adults and children alike. 

Extra features as standard include conversion to Fahrenheit, an alert that you can choose to activate and a log of the last 32 tests, you just scroll through the results on screen. 

This is really designed for home or club or playgroup or shop or pub use.

It's of course CE and FDA approved as as complying to standards of accuracy. It's really accurate however in a medical situation, follow medical advice for an ear or traditional under-the-tongue reading conducted by a medical professional.

The instructions are written in microdot size, however once you've purchased then a download created here in the UK becomes available in A4 size with pictures and legible text, so please bookmark this page. 

*The price includes UK delivery by courier*

Instant Temperature Scanner - traffic light instant readout and 32-entry log

  • Brands VisiSafe
  • Product Code: Instant Temperature Scanner with 32-entry log
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  • £39.99

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