what’s China like?

You may think you know the country and the areas to which you frequently return, however everyday in China you learn something new.

It’s a fascinating, enormous, vibrant, exhilarating, scary, funny, solemn, modern, traditional country that can be remarkably easy in some respects and byzantine in other respects. You never stop learning and experiencing.

Here are some pictures and/or clips that hopefully give an insight to this most fascinating and exciting of places.

Happy New year sign, Zhejiang
Travelling to/from Europe, you get to see airports at the beginning or end of the day. This is CDG in Paris, at an unearthly time of day after a 13-hour flight. Even the cleaners aren’t in.
A typical street scene in a small town, Guangdong province; spring time.
Derelict test building near a river (the test failed).
Electronic loaning/returning of books in Guangzhou library.
Guangzhou library.
Dancing at night, ShunDe.
The magnificent temple at ShunDe, Guangdong.
Lovely exposed tree roots, Zhejiang province.
Street cleaner, en repose.
The most divine chocolate, it doesn’t melt and is worth the extra baggage allowance.
typical seafood dish
Breakfast (and very nice too).